Import Trading Data and backtests in a fully automated fashion. Make simulations in seconds. Build Monte Carlo Simulations for your backtests including hundreds of individual simulations in minutes rather than hours. Refine your Trading Strategies Through derivations and further simulate them. Combine your existing Strategies, event when using different currencies or instrument types to create Composite Strategies and simulate and analyze them in seconds. Produce clean and powerful analysis faster and more efficiently... and have fun in the process!


Save time


BTAnalytics helps you to analyze Trading Systems quicker. Despite its power the user interface and workflow are amazingly intuitive. The time required for improving a complex Trading Strategy can be measured in hours instead of weeks.


Save money


The ability supplied by BTAnalytics to store trading results in a central repository, easily backtest a Trading System and thoroughly analyze the results is a fundamental capability that will allow your team to save money in additional tools. Professional, attractive and well-organized trading information can significantly decrease your support costs. At the same time it will also increase stakeholders satisfaction, generating a positive snowball effect.


Concentrate on your work


Use your time improving your Trading Systems instead of spending it fighting with annoying details about file formats and developing analysis spreadsheets and reinventing the wheel over and over again. BTAnalytics intuitive user interface is transparent and straightforward. All the technical details are managed in the background by the program. You automatically get stunning analysis of the underlying data with the push of a button.


High flexibility


Easily change the layout of BTAnalytics. Controls that show data such as grids, charts and plots can be easily configured and its appearance can be modified without any problem. Controls in dialogs and forms can be easily rearranged to better suit your needs and your working environment. The program is built over a highly flexible visual framework that makes extensive use of tabs and docks.


High value analysis


BTAnalytics shows by default very informative and useful analysis visualizations to better understand what's going on with a Trading Strategy.  Furthermore you can configure the analysis to better suit the particular needs. The analysis visualizations included with the program study the performance from a multitude of perspectives. But if you need to make some other analysis for your Trading Systems, you can also extend BTAnalytics with the use of visualization plugins.


Export and print your analysis


You can output charts, data tables and any other data in a variety of formats such as PDF, XLS, CVS, etc. or if you want, you can also directly print on paper. It is also possible to copy data and charts to the clipboard so you can paste it in whatever application you are working with. Here too, BTAnalytics delivers where other Trading System Analysis tools just make promises.


Developing Trading Systems can be easy and fun


Don't believe it? Give it a try with BTAnalytics...