The Trades Life DAV is designed to study the evolution of Trades in time (profit/loss by duration.) Among other things, this can be very useful for setting timeouts for the trades.

At the left of the DAV, there is shown the Raw Trades grid where you can select a trade and it will be highlighted in the "P&L %" chart in the right, in the "P&L By Bar" tab.


Trades Life DAV -- P&L By Bar Tab
Trades Life DAV -- P&L By Bar Tab


Trades Life DAV -- P&L By Duration Tab
Trades Life DAV -- P&L By Duration Tab


Five charts are shown in two different tabs in the right side of the DAV screen:

P&L By Bar tab:
oP&L %: This chart displays up to the quantity set in "Max Trades To Show" trades and their evolution over time. The chart also shows highlighted the trade selected in the Raw Trades grid on the left.
oP&L Inc %: In this chart it is shown the average increment/decrement in trade profit for each trade bar.
P&L By Duration tab:
oAvg Trade P&L %: In this chart you can see the average profit or loss of trades depending on their duration.
oNum Trades: Shows the number of trades that have a given duration.
oGross P&L: Here you can get a sense of the average gross results obtained by the trades depending on their duration. Gross profit/loss is calculated by multiplying the average profit/loss times number of trades for a given duration.


The DAV has some controls that allows you to configure the charts:

"1 bar in the charts corresponds to X bars held". Normally X value is 1. This control allows you to correctly visualize trades that are held for a large number of bars. One bar in the charts will be composed by X bars held.
"Show SMA(10)". When selected then the SMA(10) value is shown in the bar charts.
"Show Regression". When selected then the regression line is shown in the bar charts.
"Logarithmic Scale". Allows to select whether to use logarithmic or lineal scale in the charts.
"Max Trades To Show". This control allows to set the maximum number of trades to show in the P&L % trades chart.