The BTAnalytics window has three main components: The Control Ribbon Toolbar, the Studies Explorer and the Open Studies Zone. This is the typical organization, but due to the high flexibility of the user interface, the Studies Explorer or any open Study can be dragged to any position of the program window and even as a separate window, outside of the program main window. Multiple monitor configurations are also supported and any component can be dragged to another monitor.


The BTAnalytics user interface
The BTAnalytics user interface

The Ribbon Toolbar

BTAnalytics functions are accessed primarily through the Ribbon Toolbar (or Ribbon for short). It is divided into tabs that group functions according to tasks.

The Studies Explorer

The Studies Explorer provides access to all the Trading Data, Simulations and Analysis managed by BTAnalytics, showing also a data grid with the most important performance metrics for each Study.

Open Studies Zone

The Open Studies Zone is where the Trading Data, Simulation Results and Analysis Visualizations is shown. You will spend most of your time here studying and analyzing the charts and other data. Several Studies can be opened and shown at the same time.