In this visualizer it is shown the equity curve of the simulation along with a grid with the data that serves as data source for the chart.


Equity DAV
Equity DAV


The Equity DAV contains the following controls:

"Max Num of Points". This control allows to set the maximum number of points that will be shown in the chart. For example, if the simulation has 100000 bars, the chart drawing process and interaction would be very slow if all the bars are drawn. In such a case, set this control to a smaller number of points, such as 2000.
"Logarithmic Scale". Controls whether the chart Y axis should be shown in linear or logarithmic scale.
"Enable Y axis zoom". Enables/disables the zoom for the Y axis.
"Reset Zoom". Resets the zoom to the original view.


At the right of the chart, there are several check boxes that allows to select the data that should be shown in the graph:

"Equity". When selected, the equity curve is shown.
"Cash". When selected, the available cash curve is shown.
"Long". When selected, the long trades equity curve is shown.
"Short". When selected, the short trades equity curve is shown.
"Benchmark". When selected, the benchmark equity curve is shown.
"Closed Equity". When selected, the closed equity curve is shown (the equity excluding unrealized profit/loss).
"Open Positions". When selected, the number of open positions in each time is drawn.


The chart can be zoomed and panned with the mouse. Also, when you select a row in the data grid, then the position of the data is highlighted in the chart. The opposite is also true: if you click on the chart then the appropriate row is selected in the grid.