BTAnalytics is a professional Trading System Analysis and Design tool that is very easy to use and can be used in conjunction with any existing third party Trading Software. Normally, the most widely used Trading Software lacks the adequate capacity to store, compare and analyze Backtesting or Live Trading generated Trades Lists.

BTAnalytics can do this and much more. In addition to storing your Trading Data in a convenient format for its analysis you can also store information about the Trading Strategies that generated such Trades and make derivations of the Trading Strategies to further improve and analyze its results.

This is why we refer to BTAnalytics as a Trading Systems Design and Analysis Tool you can use it for improving your Trading Systems created with any other trading tool, combining Trading Strategies, Comparing Trading Results and much more.

BTAnalytics can not only be used to store Trading Data generated by backtesting or live trading Automatic Trading Systems, it can be used also to store Trading Data generated by Traders and Brokers and analyze it in the same way.